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PentestBegins provides a number of IT Security Services in order to protect your Organisation's Confidentiality , Integrity and Availiblity from emerging Cyber Threats in a standalone manner. An organisation needs to be Effectively Protected against cyber attacks to assure and demonstrate to the competitors that you have implemented adequate security throughout the infrastructure. I provide experienced Penetration tests across public and private enterprises along with the best practices of Security and Development.

  • Mission - We make web apps secure from latest attacks.
  • Skills - Delivering fast and informative vulnerability reports .
  • Clients - Satisfied clients thanks to our experience.

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Vikas Anil Sharma

Founder @Pentestbegins | Application Security Consultant

Vikas brings many years of Corporate & Free lance Consulting Experience in Application Secrutiy , Penetration Testing of Web Applications ,Web Servcies , Mobile & Network. Having curious mind in Web Application Security he loves to play around security and breaking them too. He has been acknowledged in Mulinational Companies Like AT&T, PayPal , ActiveProspect , Adobe Systems Incorporated, , Bitcasa, Dropmyemail, eBay, PureVPN, StatusPage.io, Artsy, Hiveage, Highrisehq , Kraken etc. His findings are also featured in Hackerone Zero Daily News Letter / SecurityAffairs.co etc.He is also an Offensive Security Certified Professional.

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Four dead simple reasons to get started today



Manual testing is done & is more effective than tools,Authentication Flaws,Broken Authentications, XSS, CSRF,Server MisconfigurationS,Logical Flaws Etc .


The Application Penetration Testing will be done by Delivering fast and informative vulnerability reports .


You pay only when valid Security Issues / Bugs are found.


We are always updated with latest threats and vulnerabilities in day to day Growing IT industries and keep eyes open for unique hunts.

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